Tips for Alleviating Seasonal Allergy Symptoms


  • Regular acupuncture treatments help to decrease inflammation, strengthen the immune system, and balance the body.
  • Chinese Herbal Medicine will treat your energetic pattern as well as the symptoms to improve overall health and wellness.
  • Use a neti pot filled with distilled water, ¼ tsp of sea salt and a drop of tea tree oil to cleanse the nasal passages from bacteria and allergens.  (Ask your health care practitioner for complete instructions)
  • Use an aromatherapy facial steam to open up the sinuses. Boil 3-5 cups of water and pour carefully into a glass bowl, add eucalyptus and lavender essential oil (about 5 drops each), sit with your face about 10-12 inches from the bowl with a towel draped over your head, for a few minutes.
  • Practice an anti-inflammatory diet. Avoid foods such as dairy, artificial sweeteners, refined sugar, greasy food, processed food, and alcohol.
  • Shower after being outside or before bed to remove any irritants.
  • Use an air filter in the home to purify the air.