New Patients

Welcome New Patients!!

Here at the Herbal Kind we want to make your experience a pleasant and fulfilling one.  Your needs are heard with compassion and you will be provided with the highest quality of care by our exceptionally trained and educated professionals.  The treatment atmosphere consists of soft lighting, relaxing music and aromatherapy to promote a serene and stress free environment.  As part of your natural health care plan, stress management techniques are implemented to assist with healing while improving your lifestyle.

As a new patient, you can expect your initial visit to be approximately 90 minutes.  During this time, you will have a consult, an acupuncture treatment, possible herbal prescription and a treatment plan.  Other forms of treatment may include but not limited to Cupping, Moxibustion, Gua Sha, Herbal Medicine, ect…

Preparing for your first visit: On your first visit please bring any recent lab work or medical documents (within the year) pertaining to your condition.  Also, be sure to be well hydrated and have eaten prior to your appointment.  Often, the question is posed “what to wear to my acupuncture appointment?” You can wear comfortable clothing but it is not necessary.  Some patients bring shorts to change into or use the provided drapes for cover and comfort during the acupuncture treatment.

Scheduling is provided online for your convenience. Feel free to schedule via email or over the phone if you prefer. Contact us directly if you have questions prior to booking an appointment.

Cancellation Policy: Please keep in mind that your designated appointment time is specifically for you.  If you cannot make an appointment, a 24-hour notice is required to avoid a cancellation fee.

Cell Phones: We recommend keeping your cell phone on silent or vibrate, and not with you on the treatment table.  You will not be in the present moment and have the full experience of relaxation if you are on the phone. Relaxation is vital to health and healing and you will not regret having approximately a half hour of peace to yourself!  Time set aside just for you is part of self-care and living a more balanced lifestyle.

Treatment Plan:  A customized treatment plan is designed just for you in regards to your health condition, needs, and goals of achieving a better, healthier you!  In order to achieve your desired results, you must commit to the treatment plan.   Once you receive your treatment plan, it is recommended that you book treatments in advance to ensure you have regularly scheduled appointments to comply with your plan.  If you are inconsistent, your progress will slowly diminish back to where you began treatment.  Patients that adhere to their treatment plan generally see great improvement and success with their condition.  Once the desired results are obtained, a maintenance plan will be established for maintaining good health and prevention of illness.  Taking care of your health is a commitment by you.  Natural healthcare treatments take consistency and commitment to make lasting changes that can transform your life to a healthier, happier you!