IVF Support

For those families having a difficult time conceiving and who turn to In Vitero Fertilization (IVF), research has shown that Acupuncture improves the success rate with IVF while also improving live birth rates.

In order to maximize your chances of conceiving with Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) we offer a comprehensive treatment plan to ensure your highest potential for success. We offer the service of providing Acupuncture (the protocol shown in the research to improve success rate) the day of your transfer at your physician’s office, and we have worked successfully with many reproductive endocrinologists in the valley. Listed below are the Arizona fertility centers with whom we have collaborated for comprehensive fertility care for patients.

  • Advanced Fertility Care
  • Bloom Reproductive Institute
  • Fertility Treatment Center
  • Arizona Reproductive Medicine Specialists
  • IVF Phoenix
  • Boston IVF
  • Troche Fertility Centers

Below is a sample timeline for Acupuncture treatments during IVF/FET.

Acupuncture once per week for 3 months prior to egg retrieval: This allows enough time to improve circulation through the uterus and to the ovaries, while improving endometrial lining and ovarian quality. It also decreases stress while lowering the amount of cortisol production through the body, resulting in hormone balance and decreased inflammation in the body.

Acupuncture once to twice per week until transfer date: Typically there will be an acupuncture treatment between post retrieval and the transfer day for a fresh transfer or a minimum of once per week until transfer day if it is a frozen or donor transfer.

Pre and post Acupuncture protocol for IVF/FET-  On the day of transfer you will receive acupuncture 20 minutes before and after your IVF procedure. Advanced notice for this service is required, please notify us as soon as possible to reserve a spot on our calendar.

Acupuncture post transfer – Acupuncture is done 3-5 days post transfer to boost implantation by improving blood flow to the uterus.