Open the Heart Chakra with Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love and beauty.  It emanates positive energy to restore love, happiness, and harmony.  It also opens the heart to release stress, tension, anger, resentment and negative energy.  With an open heart, one can radiate love, joy, kindness, and compassion.  Rose Quartz is one of the most popular crystals for emotional healing and balancing the heart of its wounds because it allows you to open your heart to every type of love-love of yourself, love for your partner, love for your children, family and friends.

How to use Rose Quartz to bring more love into your life: wear as jewelry, carry it in your pocket, meditate with them, place them in your home or office, and place over your heart to help raise your self-esteem, restore confidence and balance your emotions.

For more information about Rose Quartz and how you can use it to bring more love and joy into your life, please contact:

~Michelle Rugloski, Certified Crystal Healing Practitioner and Certified Reiki Master Practitioner
Phone: 480-559-4056