A Message from the Universe

The universe tends to send us all kinds of messages and always at the right time!  I received a message today by walking into a doctor’s office and overhearing a conversation.    An older woman sitting in the corner of the waiting room was telling the gentleman next to her about a family member that sought out a natural medicine doctor.  She said “He went to see a natural doctor, one of those Chinese Medicine doctors and was prescribed some herbs.  The herbs worked and made him better!  I wish they (western medical physicians) would suggest things like that instead of giving you the option of taking a drug!……..Those Chinese Medicine doctors really know what they are doing!”

I was so pleased to hear this being discussed amongst patients in a doctor’s office.   It made me realize that people are seeing the value in natural medicine and in their health.   People are seeking other options in improving their health and quality of life even when it is not suggested by their doctor.

Bridging the gap between eastern and western medicine is imperative in having comprehensive care. I have networked with physicians for this reason, to educate them on what Chinese Medicine has to offer in terms of achieving optimal health. Comprehensive medicine is having a team of healthcare professionals along with choices in treatment.  Clearly, the woman in the waiting room was expressing some level of frustration not knowing what choices she had in terms of her own healthcare.   Personally, I was ecstatic to overhear the woman spreading the good word about the use of another type of medicine, specifically Chinese Medicine!

Hippocrates once said “Healing is a matter of time but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity.”