2015: A Prosperous Year

Here we are, already ending the first month of the New Year.  Most of us are settling back into our normal, everyday routines while some of us are still trying to incorporate new goals, habits, or changes into our lifestyle.  With each year, change is inevitable.  This is due to a universal shift in the cosmos and the vibration of energy is different each year.  This shift is prevalent with numerology.

2015 has the vibration of the number 8 (2+0+1+5 = 8).  In Chinese culture, the number 8 is a very fortunate and prosperous number and is known as the infinity symbol by the Greeks.  The infinity symbol represents a constant flow with no beginning and no end; an infinite supply.  Some key words associated with the vibration of 8 are: wealth, fortune, money, success, business, abundance, discipline, and direction.  The number 8 is highly regarded by the Chinese.  This was demonstrated when the Chinese hosted the 2008 Olympics in Beijing on August 8, 2008 (8/8/08) at 8:08 pm.

For good luck one can wear the infinity charm; on a necklace or having it on a key chain.  If you are looking to move into a new home this year or starting a new business, having the number 8 in the address or in the phone number could bring good luck.  Perhaps holding your business meetings on the 8th day of the month or traveling for business on the 8th day could as well.  For those of you born in the 8th month, have the digit 8 in your birth time, or born on the 8th of the month may also feel the vibration of 8 stronger than those that don’t have these attributes.  If you would like to know your numerology for your destiny, add the number value of your month, day, and year of birth and reduce to a single digit.  For example if your birthday is January 29th, 1976 (01/29/1976) you would add the following: 0+1= (1), then 2+9 = (11), and 1+9+7+6 = (23).  Reduce the numbers in parentheses to a single digit: 1+11+23 = (35), then 3+5 =8.  If your number equals 8 you will especially feel the strong characteristics of this number.  It is your year!